Our Local Producers

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  • Eyam Brewery

    Eyam Brewery

    We moved to the Peak District in 2011 after many years of living and working in London. At this stage we were unable to truly live the dream of ‘escaping to the country’ as we continued with our professions and commuting. However, we embraced an opportunity to take on a unit ay Eyam Hall and open a real ale shop there in 2015.
    Our focus was on selling local ales and ciders from around the area with a view to brewing our own ales. In 2017 Eyam Brewery was established in the unit next to our shop. As demand grew we struggled with production so in 2019 we expanded the brewery. We are now based in a neighbouring village, Great Hucklow.

  • J H Mann

    J H Mann

    Surrounded by moors, dales, and valleys in the Peak District, we may not be the closest to the sea. Even so, you can do no better than specialist fishmongers J H Mann, who deals directly with the boats coming into harbour. The family business began in Sheffield in 1921, where you can still pick up the fresh catch of the day. Now, we only have to go to Bradwell, their newest shop, for the highest quality, seasonal molluscs, crustaceans, and fish. 

  • Paradise Farm

    Paradise Farm

    Over a few styles and through some gates and you’ll be at Paradise Farm in no time. Lis and John’s family have looked after the traditional hill farm for over 300 years, and you can easily see the bounty of their ‘light’ approach: the fields are bursting with wildflowers, grasses, and herbs. This makes a serious difference to their 100% grass-fed cattle. With the health benefits of non-mixed feeding and low-stocking numbers, fantastic flavour is guaranteed. 

  • Bubnell Cliff Farm

    Bubnell Cliff Farm

    If you’d like to buy beef from the Wheatlands herd of 60 pedigree Longhorns, you’d best be hungry: Tom only sells by the half or whole cow. Their succulent, tender, and flavoursome meat is really rather special. The Longhorns are the oldest registered breed of cattle in the world, known in England since the 16th century. Originally, they were draught animals, but through selective breeding during the Industrial Revolution their grass-fed meat, sweeping creamy-white bonnet horns, and docile temperament, has made they extremely popular with chefs and diners alike.

  • Keepers Cottage Organics

    Keepers Cottage Organics

    Katie’s all about organic husbandry. With a desire to live off the land she gathered a few acres, some veg to grow, and several rare breed Saddleback pigs. Luckily for us, Katie came to Derbyshire in 2020, buying a mixture of woodland, upland grazing, and meadow fields, to ensure the best stewardship of the Bradwell Edge environment. Together with Herdwick sheep and keen foraging Hubbard chickens, all of Katie’s animals are born and reared on her biodiverse farm.

  • Village View Farm

    Village View Farm

    As a member of Social Farms and Gardens, Village View Farm is more than just a supplier. It runs as a charity, looking after the wildlife area, encouraging volunteering with nature, and providing a community space for locals and those who need therapeutic help. We’re proud to support them, relying on their wonderful organic vegetables and free-range eggs and animals.

  • L W Hancock & Son

    L W Hancock & Son

    Up the steep hill and through the little white door you’ll find the butchers. The Hancock family arrived in Stoney Middleton in the 1700s all the way from Barlow, Foolow, and Eyam, and have been there ever since. They’ve dabbled in everything, from mining to shopkeeping, but especially cows and cattle – the shop has been there since at least 1871. Garry, who joined his father Lance in 1976 and now runs the business, keeps his own herd of cows and still delivers locally.

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