Price Changes for 2022

As you may already be aware, the impact of inflation on pubs and restaurants this year has been devastating, with many sites already being forced to close, as they battle the largely insurmountable price rises. UK inflation has reached its highest level since 1992, at a 6.2% increase. At The Blind Bull, we are doing everything possible to remain open. We will continue to welcome customers to this much-loved and essential hub in our little corner of the Peaks, and continue to serve exquisite Michelin quality dishes (Michelin recommended 2022). While we have tried hard to avoid the following outcome, our only forthcoming sustainable option is to increase our menu prices in response to this years’ inflation.

We are doing everything we can to stop our menu prices from rocketing. All changes in price will be fair and transparent, reflecting the rates of inflation as we move forward into 2022, but our margins are tightening on wholesale products. In aid of our transparency, here are some examples of wholesale products that have increased in price over the past 6 months: 

  • Whilst last year, boxes of butter cost £50, they now cost £69. 
  • Similarly barrels of rapeseed oil were £19, and now cost £39. 
  • Boxes of chicken bones, which we use for stock in many of our dishes, were £10, and are now £15. 
  • Large bags of potatoes, the crispy star of our famous Sunday roasts (and triple cooked chips!), were £11 and are now £16. 
  • Our drinks menu is also affected, with a 9% increase in New Zealand wines and a 17% increase in French Burgundy’s. (But fear not; we will, of course, endeavour to keep drinks prices as fair as possible.)

So at a minimum, there is a 30% increase across the board on wholesale produce, with some products increasing in price by an astonishing 110%, which will directly affect menu prices. 

We pride ourselves in providing excellent service, and we believe that starts with taking care of our highly skilled staff, all of whom are paid well above the minimum wage. As of April 1st 2022, minimum wages have increased, which is of course essential to those working in hospitality and retail jobs across the UK. We are determined to continue paying our staff a fair wage, further contributing to our need to increase menu prices. As well as this, we face the ever-growing cost of electricity and heating. Whilst last year electricity prices were around 10p per kWh, they have now hit over 30p per kWh, three times the price just to keep the pub open. Raising menu prices will ensure that The Blind Bull can remain warm and welcoming for all. 

We are regretful that this is our only solution, but we know that you will understand the issue at hand, and the necessity of these changes. If you have any queries please do feel free to contact us at We will be very happy to discuss the changes, and will always do whatever we can to accommodate you. 

We look forward to eating and drinking with you soon,

The Blind Bull Team. 

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